New song out on Barely Regal Records

Barely Regal Records is an independant record label from Cardiff. They just started a single series called 'Significant Other': each month, they'll be releasing a new single by a different band or artist, along with a comic (a different pairing of musician and illustrator each time), available as a pay-what-you-what digital download. Bitpart and David Brohet (a French illustrator) were asked to be part of the project. And here it is, the first single of the series: a new Bitpart song with a comic by David Brohet!!

► Download the song/comic and read more about it HERE.
► Check out David Brohet's work HERE.


Bitpart / Better Off Dead - Spring Tour 2018

Heeeeeyy! Bitpart will be on a European tour with Better Off Dead from April 28th to May 12th, with no day off!!!! Come say hi if you live close to one of those cities:

28/04: Grenoble (FR)
29/04: Carmagnola (IT)
30/04: Forlí-Cesena (IT)
01/05: Verona (IT)
02/05: Zabreb (HR)
03/05: Čakovec (HR)
04/05: Wien (AT)
05/05: Věžnička (CZ)
06/05: Orlová (CZ)
07/05: Plzeň (CZ)
08/05: Praha (CZ)
09/05: Berlin (DE)
10/05: Leipzig (DE)
11/05: Metz (FR)
12/05: Paris (FR)